You don’t want to have another argument

You wonder where all the loving feelings have gone and how you can stop hurting one another. You want an end to the criticism, judgements, and lack of appreciation. And you don’t want to continue in those feelings of dissatisfaction.

You’re not sure whether the relationship is worth it any longer. Sometimes you wonder if your partner really loves you now. You’ve felt so much resentment and hurt feelings. Sometimes you feel you need to either leave the relationship or live with it.

On the good days, you remember that you both love one another and have good parts to each other.¬† Yet, it just seems too hard to connect to those loving feelings and when you do they don’t last. You’re almost afraid to hope that you can regain the love in your relationship.

Maybe you can have the relationship you wanted.

I believe that every relationship has the capacity to provide goodwill, love, and understanding. No matter how serious the issues, no matter how desperate it feels, every relationship can provide solutions that lead to respect appreciation, generosity, and cooperation.

I believe that your relationship can become a place to find peace of mind from a stressful day, a place of comfort when you are feeling low, a place of partnership when you want to bring a dream to life. And I believe that your relationship can provide you with:
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  • Personal Security
  • Comfort
  • Intimacy
  • Respect
  • Friendship


Let’s get started¬† putting an end to the arguing and hurt feelings.

I want to help you discover ways to stop the fighting and find understanding for each other.

Please don’t struggle with each other any longer.I want to help. It is time to have that satisfying relationship. Please call today and let’s get started. Just call me: (650) 255-0460.

I look forward to meeting you.
Take care,