Freedom of Forgiveness — A Video Program

With Julie Gleeson and Dr. Mark Howard

“Only you have the golden key to your soul and the wisdom that lies within.”

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

We all possess a powerful remedy to clear thoughts of negative emotions and bring relationships back into alignment. This remedy of forgiveness allows us to be free from the emotional prisons of our past, which provides opportunities to start anew at any time.

Our dear friend, Robert Kausen, shared that a deep closeness in our relationships happens with a daily dose of listening and forgiveness. When we listen for closeness, which we explored in our Listening Beyond Yourself workshop (available online as well), we SEE beyond the memories from the past that prevent us from living a happy life now. Wisdom comes from seeing each day and moment as a new experience, letting go of dwelling on these old feelings of betrayal, injustice and hurt.

In these videos, we explore and dispel the misconception that forgiveness somehow condones the behavior, yours or theirs. We would love to have you join us for this exploration of the human capacity underlying our potential to share with wisdom, impact and a deep sense of closeness.

We invite you to enjoy our video program.

Freedom of Forgiveness – Chapter One (approx run time 1:14:05)

Chapter 2

Freedom of Forgiveness – Chapter Two (approx run time 1:06:32)


Chapter 3

Freedom of Forgiveness – Chapter Three (approx run time 43:52)