Mark Howard, Ph.D.

Three Principles Practitioner’s Coaching Programs with Mark Howard, Ph.D.

As a three principles practitioner I want you to stop and think for a moment what it would mean to you:

  • To share in a meaningful way about the principles every time you are asked about your understanding; regardless of who is asking you.
  • To understand how to teach the principles to the exact needs of your client.
  • To teach without self-doubt or questioning how you are doing.
  • To actually see your clients gaining insights that produce happiness and well being.
  • To discover how to develop a profitable three principles practice

When I started to teach the principles in 1982 it was a thrilling time.  There were no limitations to developing ways to teach the principles. I was developing my craft within a climate of freedom to teach my way.  It was so exciting with daily insights that would help me teach the principles with more impact.

I want this same creative excitement for you. I want you to have maximum impact with your clients.  So I have developed coaching program that we will tailor to your vision.

During this profound and practical three principles practitioner program you’re going to…

  • Understand what “grounding” really means and feel comfortable about your understanding of the principles.
  • Get in touch with the source of peace, clarity and wisdom that you carry within you.
  • Become aware of your stumbling blocks, and what’s been getting in your way until now.
  • Find the certainty that you have realized enough about the principles to start sharing now.
  • Have a step by step action plan for moving forward with your three principles practice
  • Start feeling refreshed, peaceful and inspired about your three principles work.

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