Peace is Possible Right Now:
Inside you; Inside your relationships, and with all of Humankind.


For too long people have been struggling in life:
We have a very long history of human conflict and disharmony in our lives with others. People get bothered and annoyed with themselves and others all the time. People spend too much time feeling worried, guilty, or depressed.  They find themselves stressed out at work and home. It no longer has to be this way…

 What’s the answer?
Sydney Banks, a theosopher and author found the answer. He was an ordinary man who had an epiphany about the spiritual nature of life. He would frequently tell people how he found the secret to the Mind. He discovered three spiritual principles, Mind, Consciousness, and Thought that explain how people can find happiness and harmony in life. And, although he has passed now, it is important that this answer come to you.

The benefits of understanding the principles:
Understanding the three principles allows you to have the endearing relationships you want. You, quite naturally, find personal security, comfort and friendship.
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Would you like the following?

  • A stress free life without anger, bother, or worry
  • A connection to your wisdom and creativity
  • Relationships that provide you with love and understanding
  • A lasting sense of goodwill, well-being, and gratitude

The Three Principles Institute is dedicated to bringing these benefits of understanding the principles to you and your relationships. We want you to have the well being you want in life. Don’t wait one more day. Call Mark Howard, Ph.D.  at (650) 255-0460