The three principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness represent the spiritual nature of our human functioning. They are formless energy that provides us the capacity to have the experience of life and in particular our relationships.

Mind: Mind is the intelligence, the formless energy, behind the Universe. It is the energy that serves as the foundation for creation.

Implications for you.  The understanding of Mind allows you to realize that we are all connected to each other. Since everyone is a part of Mind you have the capacity to use the intelligence of life to create a life of harmony, consideration, love, and understanding for yourself and for your relationships. Further, you are part of an intelligence that allows you the power to create wise responses to any issue that is now causing difficulty for your life.

Thought: Thought is the energy that allows for creation. What we create through the power of thought is our mental activity, our thinking. Our opinions, memories, judgments, blaming, excitement, compassion are just a small sample of what we have the power to create in our minds through the power of Thought.

Implications for you. Understanding Thought as the power to create your thinking means that all of your experiences of life is the result of Thought. Usually, people blame their circumstances for creating in them certain experiences. However, the understanding of Thought tells us that we are the ones creating our experience of our life circumstances. So, it is not our job, or partner of even ourselves that annoyed us, it is the way we think about these factors that caused the annoyance.

The fact that your experience comes to you from the power to think means that it is not about practicing changing your thoughts like thinking positively or making affirmations.  Rather the fact of Thought just tells us where our experience of life comes from. And, it is the understanding of this simple but powerful fact that brings the changes you want.

Consciousness. Consciousness is the energy to be aware of what you have created in through Thought. Through the operation of Consciousness, your thoughts are brought to life. The second you create a thought, Consciousness brings all the total experience of that thought to you. your biochemistry, physiology, emotions, and behavior all follow the thinking you created through Thought. So, if your have a worry thought, Consciousness brings all of you to align with that thought.

Implications for you.  Consciousness is the spiritual principle that makes you aware of your thinking, makes thinking feel real. So, if you are bothered by your partner or job Consciousness makes all of you feel bothered. It does not feel like your thinking is what bothered you. The understanding of how Thought and Consciousness create such a real picture of your circumstance will help you gain a freedom to think anyway you want about a life issue. For example, the Understanding will allow you to easily find a perspective that is less reactive and more understanding.

As your understanding of the three principles deepens, you will demonstrate more of the human attributes that help you in life when dealing with your job, relationships or yourself.  You can become forgiving, considerate, generous, appreciative, loving and understanding. Through your insights into the three principles you easily put an end to losing your emotional bearings when life seems difficult. In fact, you will find new, creative thinking to help yourself deal well with the many life issues that come your way.