Mark Howard, Ph.D.

Meet Mark Howard, Ph.D.

Are you searching for a way to feel happy and content?  Are you looking for a way to be less angry, worried, fearful, or depressed?  Do you feel up against it?

Hi!  I’m Mark Howard, a licensed psychologist, who for most of my early life was struggling with the same things. Then I started searching for a way to live in happiness and peace of mind rather than with anger and worry. I tried lots of different therapies and spiritual practices that did not provide the answer.

Then in 1982, I was blessed to be introduced to Sydney Banks.  He had an insight about the principles of Mind Thought and Consciousness. He saw that it is through these principles that all people create their emotions.

With an insight about the three principles, I changed. I realized that I created the life I was experiencing within me from the power I have to think. In fact, I realized that all my upset, disappointment, and anger was occurring from within my own consciousness and was not because of my circumstances. Life was an “inside job.”

And, I realized I could think any way I wanted. I could be happy and so could my clients, their relationships, and all humankind. All that anyone needs is a realization about the functioning of the three principles.

So, I know that having a life free of anger, worry or fear may be very difficult to see right now, but I believe it can happen for you.  I have seen many people have an insight into the principles and discover their wisdom, well-being and happiness.

I hope we can connect. I hope that the three principles can help you as they helped me and thousands of other people.  I would like to hear your story.

Wishing you peace and love,