Mark Howard, Ph.D.

Three Principles Practitioner’s Coaching Programs with Mark Howard, Ph.D.

Do you wish you could have maximum impact with your clients, making an even bigger difference in people’s lives, more of the time?

Everyone who’s been touched by the principles knows that feeling… the sense of peace and clarity that comes when you go beyond the words, and touch another world. But all too often, we find ourselves struggling to find that peace in our personal lives, and bring it to our more troubled clients.

In 30 years of working with clients and teaching practitioners, I’ve discovered the keys that make the biggest difference to clients, and have a transformative effect in the lives of practitioners. To help you see what’s possible for you, I invite you to take part in a 45-minute, “Maximize Your Client Impact” session. During this profound and practical phone-coaching consultation, you’re going to…

  • Get in touch with the source of peace, clarity and wisdom that you carry within you.
  • Become aware of your stumbling blocks, and what’s been getting in your way until now.
  • Get a crystal clear vision of your future as a three principles practitioner.
  • Have a step by step action plan for moving forward
  • Leave the session feeling refreshed, peaceful and inspired about the path ahead.

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