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Christine Heath and Mark Howard, two of the most highly regarded professionals teaching the Three Principles, are offering a 7-day experience of spiritual discovery.  It is designed to guide participants towards a deeper understanding of the Principles.

There are two components to this experience; A 2½ day workshop and a 4-day immersion retreat, both in Hilo on the island of Hawaii.  You can attend both segments or choose what works best for you.

The Spiritual Principles Underlying Well-Being

“The wisdom humanity seeks lies within the Consciousness of all human beings.”
— Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

Our human experience of life is guided by three spiritual principles—Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.  The understanding of these principles leads people to their inner strengths of resilience, wisdom, happiness, and well-being.  As a result of the understanding, work, relationships, and family life become easy to navigate and deeply meaningful.

This is a weekend of spiritual discovery—As we explore these three principles in depth, we will awaken our true nature—love and understanding.  Through the insights and realizations that can occur as we delve into the meaning of the principles, true harmony and peace arrives.

We would love to have you join us for an exploration of these principles underlying our experience of happiness, well-being, love, and understanding.

It is our pleasure to provide the beauty and quiet of Hawaii as the backdrop to discover for yourself the beauty that lies within.

When: Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, January 25, 26, and 27, 2019

Time: Friday, 7-9PM
Sat and Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm each day

Cost: $299

Where:  The Mid Pac Country Club
Kailua-Oahu, Hawaii




Are You Ready to Take Your Principles Work to a Transformative Place?
The Hawaii Three Principles Immersion Training

Christine and Mark are so excited for you to join them to gain support for your vision for the principles and evolve your understanding of the principles to create more impactful and transformational ways to share them with others.

During our four-day training, we plan to offer ways to:

  • Get in touch with the source of peace, clarity, and wisdom that you carry within you so that you develop deeply connected relationships with your clients, customers, or team members.
  •  Understand what “grounding” really means so that you feel comfortable and confident about your understanding of the principles; making sharing the principles a “no brainer.” Finding your “voice” is the most valuable insight.
  •  Become aware of your stumbling blocks and what’s been getting in your way until now.  This will help you remove beliefs and ideas that are obstacles to your teaching from a place of “Knowing.”
  •  Avoid the common pitfalls that confront three principles practitioners. There are some common pitfalls to sharing the principles. Once they are identified they are easily avoided.
  •  Start feeling refreshed, peaceful, and inspired about your three principles work.
  •  Have a step by step action plan for moving forward with your principles practice, so that you can sustain your voice to help humankind.

Here Are The Details For This Four Day Training:

Christine and Mark are providing a place in Hawaii that promotes quieting our minds and finding the deep feelings of peace and love that are within us. These are the feelings that Sydney Banks tells us where wisdom lies.

So this training is an ideal setting for participants to discover more wisdom to understand the principles and create new and impactful ways to share this knowledge.

So each day consists of us meeting together for 90minutes; once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  These meetings will be an exploration into the essence of the principles and ways to share so that clients “get it.” Also, we  want to support participants developing a sustainable and enjoyable practice. So we will be open to learning taking place in ways that are comfortable and supportive to all participants.  So we use discussion, feedback, roleplaying, and lectures to cultivate insights and realizations of this spiritual knowledge.

The time outside of meetings will be available for participants to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of our setting. We know that in this feeling of enjoying and peace– wisdom arrives.

Exclusive pricing:

Christine and Mark usually charge $2500 for such a training.  However, since this is the first year of their offering this transformative retreat together they are making it available to participants at $1400 for the full four-day retreat.

When:  Monday thru Thursday– January 28, 29, 30, & 31st, 2019
Approximate Times: 10amto 11am—–1pm to 2:30pm

Where:  The Mid Pac Country Club
Kailua-Oahu, Hawaii



Christine Heath, L.M.F.T., I.C.A.D.C., is a licensed marriage and family therapist in both Hawaii and Minnesota and is the co-founder and executive director of the Hawaii Counseling and Education Center, Inc.  Christine has been a trainer in work involving the Three Principles for over 35 years.  In addition, she is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in Hawaii and also provides training and supervision for professionals, is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and is a consultant and trainer worldwide for social services and health care agencies, businesses and special education professionals.  To learn more about Christine Heath, log onto hcechawaii.com


Since 1982 Dr. Mark Howard has brought his expertise in teaching the principles to mental health practitioners at a major medical center where he mentored eight psychologists for 2 years, to hundreds of health practitioners in many diverse fields at Santa Clara County for 18 years, and to many practitioners in North America, United Kingdom, and Europe. Many of these practitioners went on to develop their own successful Three Principles programs. He has devoted his time now to mentoring and coaching people to a deeper understanding of the principles and to their sharing the principles in impactful and meaningful ways.

To learn more about Dr. Mark Howard, log onto threeprinciplesinstitute.org


I love Mark Howard! He is one of the most caring people I have met in a field known for caring about people, and his simple wisdom and deceptive skill make him a spectacular mentor for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and find their own unique expression of the principles. If you get the chance to work with him, take it!”
–Michael Neill, international bestselling author of “The Inside-Out Revolution”, www.supercoach.com

Dr. Mark Howard is one of the finest teachers of the inside-out understanding I’ve ever learned from. His certainty and clarity are matched by his courage, wisdom and experience. Take any chance you get to work with this extraordinary coach and teacher.”
–Jamie Smart Author of the #1 Bestseller CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance BiggerResults

Christine is an amazing marriage and family therapist and has worked with clients around the world. Her reputation in Hawaii as a “sunshine girl” describes her happy, cheerful outward appearance which reflects her inner peace that she so willingly shares and communicates to her clients, staff, and community. Each day at work was like a free counseling session–an awesome experience!”
— Kathy Shoemaker , San Francisco, CA

For more information, please contact

Mark Howard, PhD
Three Principles Institute
I131 Howard Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 255-0460