Let’s take a deep dive into the spiritual teachings of Sydney Banks as he shares spiritually in the “Missing Link.”

Please watch and listen to hear my hope for this study group:

I am so thrilled to offer a sixth year of the “Missing Link” book study group. So much growth occurs during our year-long immersion into the Missing Link that I want you to have the opportunity to discover for yourself your spiritual understanding of your True Nature. I have read “The Missing Link” countless times, as well as having over 36 years dedicated to deepening my knowledge of the Principles and gaining simplicity in sharing the understanding. I want to lead this year-long study group into “The Missing Link” to allow you to find a deep understanding about the wisdom we have to assist us in remaining oriented towards the Truth that Sydney Banks is attempting to convey.

Potential Outcomes of this Study Group:

  1. A stronger and deeper understanding of the Three Principles
  2. An understanding of the hope that the spiritual experience of Sydney Banks gives to all of us.
  3. Get insights into the Spiritual Nature of how human beings function
  4. A transformational experience of peace of mind, love, and understanding
  5. A glimpse of the deeper essence of who we truly are
  6. Seeing and understanding the nature of life across the board – work, relationships, and life itself
  7. Stronger knowing of returning to the feeling of ‘being home’ when we get lost
  8. Finding hope for more self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence

About the Study Group:

The study group will meet monthly for 12 months beginning in January 2021. Each monthly class will focus on one chapter. It is a deep dive into each chapter of the Missing Link.


Live online monthly group meetings using Zoom
Unlimited access to all monthly replays by streaming
Downloadable video recording from every group meeting for members only.


Holiday Discount: Now $357USD if paid by December 18, 2021. After December 18th, the price jumps to $535 USD.

Registration Bonus:

  1. A free 45minute coaching session with Mark if paid in full by December 23rd, 2019

Please contact Mark (drmarkhoward@comcast.net) for details if you prefer this option.

Meeting Schedule:

We aim to keep the meetups to the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 10am PT, 1pm ET and 6pm UK time. Each meeting will take 90 minutes.

The first set of dates are confirmed as follows:
Thursday 21st January (Note: this is the 4th Thursday)
Thursday 18th February
Thursday 18th March
Further dates will be confirmed as we go along.

Please Note: We are a closed group meeting. There is a cut-off date for those who are interested in joining the study group. Once the study group has had its first meeting, the group will not be taking on any new people. We will be 100% focused on those who want to go through the whole thing, from beginning to end, from January to December.

What Past Members Are Saying:

“Even though I’ve read “The Missing Link” more than once before, Mark’s open-hearted approach makes the 3 Principles sweetly accessible. He created a space in which I’ve been able to gain fresh perspectives and insights. Not only have I seen things that I could swear were not in the text before. But I’ve also touched into deep feelings that are the underpinnings of my well-being.“
– Betsy Gullickson

“Participating in the monthly Missing Link Book Group was the perfect way for me to stay grounded in the three principles and wisdom of Sydney Banks in the midst of my busy practice and life. Mark Howard’s warmth is infectious, and he is masterful at sharing his insights and experiences while also creating a safe environment for all participants to reflect, share and learn from each other. And the best part is, all you have to do is show up. There’s no homework! After three decades of being a student that was very appealing to me!“
– Dr. Alan Roy

“I have read, re-read, and browsed The Missing Link several times since I discovered this understanding. Reading the book together with a group of wise and insightful members has deepened my own understanding in ways that I could not have imagined. Thanks to Sydney Banks, and thank you Mark for your insight to create this group and for your leadership. Thank you Mark. “
– Gerald “Bear” Weil

“This is a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the teachings of Sydney Banks in a small, intimate and supportive environment. Each call opens up the space for rich, deep, meaningful insights.”
–Peter Field

“I have loved being part of the Missing Link Book Group. Hearing what others see in Syd’s words and sharing in that conversation has triggered so many insights along the way. It has deepened my understanding of the 3 Principles and Syd’s teachings. I highly recommend it to anyone.“
– Maria lliffe-Wood

“Reading the Missing Link with Mark and the group each month for me is an enriching and deepening experience of Syd’s words. There is a tangible feeling of connection, love, and wisdom in this group filled with shared humor and insight. It is a wonderful experience, one I highly recommend!”
– Judi Wolinsky

I love Mark Howard’s ‘The Missing Link’ Study Group. It was exactly the type of support I was looking for in order to deepen my understanding of the Nature of Life and the 3 Principles. There was an unexpected rippling effect that brought peace and harmony to all aspects of my life. Mark is a very ingenious group leader. I see now how reading ‘The Missing Link’ in a group setting leads to meaningful insights, no matter how many times you read it.”
– Linda Beugg

I highly recommend The Missing Link Book Group. With Mark as guide and your fellow readers prepare to voyage into the timeless, formless wisdom contained within this book. In the course of this book group I feel I have learnt how to read The Missing Link and discovered that it is the gift that keeps on giving as in each sitting with the group or in my own time ALWAYS something new is seen…Magic!!”
-Kate, UK

About Mark Howard PhD

Mark Howard, Ph.D. — Dr. Howard became a student of Sydney Banks and his teaching in 1983.  He is known for keeping the purity of the principles understanding for the past 36 years. He is recognized as one of the pioneers who first brought the three principles into the field of psychology. Since 1983, Dr. Howard has been teaching private clients, families, business professionals. He loves mentoring three principles practitioners to develop impactful and thriving practices.

People love his teaching and comment on his warmth and humor. They share how easy it is to understand the principles when they listen to Dr. Howard.

To learn more about Dr. Mark Howard, log onto threeprinciplesinstitute.org

I love Mark Howard! He is one of the most caring people I have met in a field known for caring about people, and his simple wisdom and deceptive skill make him a spectacular mentor for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and find their own unique expression of the principles. If you get the chance to work with him, take it!”
–Michael Neill, international bestselling author of “The Inside-Out Revolution” and the “Space Within,” www.supercoach.com

Dr. Mark Howard is one of the finest teachers of the inside-out understanding I’ve ever learned from. His certainty and clarity are matched by his courage, wisdom, and experience. Take any chance you get to work with this extraordinary coach and teacher.”
–Jamie Smart Author of the #1 Bestseller “CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results” and “Results: Think Less. Achieve More.”

Love and Blessings,

Mark Howard, PhD
Three Principles Institute
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