Do you have questions?

These are  common questions that couples ask. If you have other questions, feel free to call me and I will answer your questions:

Can Couples Counseling Really Help Us?
When you and your partner can talk about concerns in a safe and respectful environment, there is a good chance you will find ways to overcome arguing and hurting each others feelings. Although there is no guarantee, I believe that you and your partner can find love and understanding for each other.[divider]

What If My Partner Won’t Come To Counseling?
That’s OK. Sometimes people are not ready or interested at the same time for counseling. But, if you are ready, give me a call. I have found that one person coming to counseling is better for the relationship than no one coming to counseling. I have seen that as you start counseling and learn essential points for understanding and goodwill in your relationship, your partner will notice. Usually, this leads to your partner joining you for counseling.[divider]

Well, You Specialize in Couples Counseling, Do You See Singles Too?
Yes, I do provide counseling for singles. Having 30 years of experience, I have offered counseling to people suffering from a wide variety of life and personal issues. So if you want counseling for your personal issue, I am available to help you.[divider]

Will We Be Arguing and Getting Into The Past Hurts When We Meet With You?
Not really. Although it may be important to talk about the issues that lead to anger and hurt feelings, you will not be directed to argue or dwell in the painful past. The counseling will focus on teaching you and your partner how to find understanding and appreciation for each other so that talking about important issues leads to satisfying and rewarding solutions. I want you both to discover the hidden treasures for compassion, forgiveness, and understanding that lie within each of you.[divider]

How Long Will We Need To See You?
Every couples’ situation is different and unique. So, after our first meeting we will discuss your goals and needs and how often we should meet. I will share with you both an estimate of how long it will take to meet your needs. I will keep your goals in mind and continue to discuss with you if  we are achieving what you want from counseling.[divider_top]

How Do We Get Started?
I look forward to being of help to you.
You can call me: (650) 255-0460 or complete the form on the Contact page and I will call you. Thank you!