Mark_Howard_Newsletter_BannerI am so excited to offer you a new way for us to explore and talk about the principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

Join me each month over the next year as we explore how you can: 

  • Be happy, vibrant and fulfilled as a person in life. Being a happy and contented person is “in the cards;” it’s your default setting.  We will discuss how to discover and sustain your happiness.
  • Have endearing and fun relationships with your spouse or partner. There are common relationship pitfalls that cause couples to think they have lost their loving feeling. We will examine how understanding the principles allows couples to sidestep these pitfalls and uncover deeper and deeper feelings of appreciation, love and understanding.
  • Build a profitable three principles coaching or therapy practice. It is of value to humankind for you to sustain your vision for a three principles’ coaching or therapy practice. The world needs your vision and passion.  We will explore proven strategies to maintain a profitable three principles practice.
  • Share your understanding of the principles so that you have maximum impact.  Since you have been “touched” by your understanding of the principles I don’t want insecurity to impede your sharing what you “know.” We will discuss how to become comfortable and confident with sharing your understanding.  We will highlight how you can easily discover  “teachable moments.”
  • Relax and enjoy your life rather than work so hard on “getting better.” The “killer” to happiness, contentment, and self-esteem is to ask the question “How am I doing?” We will demonstrate how you may use your understanding of the principles to navigate life so that you stop evaluating yourself so critically.


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